ADA Compliant Home Platform Lift Installation

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Beach Butler ® Cargo Lift

If you're tired of lugging everyday cargo, such as groceries and trash, up and down stairs, we have a solution. The Beach Butler® Cargo Lift (4x4 foot cargo platform). Just hit the remote control and the Butler carries it up and down the stairs for you. With the ability to lift and lower up to 1000 pounds of cargo from ground level to the second or third floor, The Butler is certainly a must have home elevator for elevated homes. The Butler is great for lifting heavy bulky items such as luggage, furniture and appliances. If a storm threatens, just move your grill or freezer up stairs with the Butler.

VistaVator ® Residential Platform Lift

No longer make multiple, tiresome and hard trips up and down stairs carrying groceries, shopping bags or luggage! Have children? Its always a challenge to carry the kids along with any other necessities you have with you. With a VistaVator Residential Platform lifts your prayers have been answered! Move your groceries, light furniture, Trash and other items up to 500 lbs total weight, to the upper and lower levels of your home with ease and convenience.

Why choose NJ Home Elevators for your Residential Lift Installation?

These ADA Compliant Residential Platform Lift products are primarily used as an accessibility tool that allows people to ensure that they are able to get in and out of their house. However, there are many other reasons why our platform lifts can make your life better if installed into your raised home on the Jersey Shore. In an elevated house a “Vertical Platform Lift” device is capable of:

  • Elevating or De-elevating people with disabilities or health issues.
  • ADA Compliant for House Accessibility
  • Raise grills and other items off ground level if a storm threatens the Jersey Shore
  • Load groceries, luggage and/or shopping goods
  • Limit multiple, tiresome and hard trips up & down the stairs
  • Easily move heavy bulk items such as furniture while limiting the risk of injury
  • Perfect for when there is limited room for ramps
  • Convenient remote control operation
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Double Drive System ensures safe operation
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Backed by the BEST WARRANTY in the Industry!
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