ADA Compliant Lift Installation - Jersey Shore

Residential ADA Compliant Lifts (similar to outdoor home elevators) are now becoming widely used since Superstorm Sandy. Now that many Jersey Shore area homes have to be elevated, a need for better home accessibility is being met by the VistaVator Personal Vertical Lift and The Beach Butler Cargo lift. It is no longer just a luxury item for convenience, but for many it is now necessary for them to maneuver between floors in their home. For individuals and families that have handicap issues, the elderly and for those who wish to grow to an elderly age in their home, this is a must. Enter NJ Home Elevators and the Vistavator® Personal Lift for the Home. Its primary home use is in providing accessibility to people to ensure that they are able to get in and out of their homes in a more convenient way. If your goal is mainly to transport cargo such as your Ice chest, furniture, groceries, garbage cans and more, then the Beach Butler® Cargo Lift non-personnel model is right for you.

There are several reasonable benefits that come with the installation of these Residential ADA Compliant Lifts on the Jersey Shore which may be seen as a means of providing comfortable and safe floor to floor access for the elderly or physically disabled, this is a very important and beneficial aspect of the home lifts.

The major reason for installing a home vertical platform lift is for safety. This should be the uttermost thing in mind to consider when choosing a ADA Compliant Home Platform Lift Installer for your place of residence. With our highly trained and experienced installation crews, NJ Home Elevators can provide you with the safest installation possible while limiting any damage to your existing structures. While most maintenance can be done by the homeowner, NJ Home Elevators also provides seasonal and yearly maintenance packages to keep your residential lift working safely and effectively.

With our Residential ADA Compliant Lift Installations, you can depend on:

Jersey Shore ADA Compliant Lift

Efficiency and Superiority: One great quality of installing an ADA Compliant Lift is to provide ease of movement while ensuring the safety of the people. This means that the system should be efficient and made of superior quality materials in order to ensure safety of the users, this what you will get with our home platform installation service. We are one of the leading distributors and installers of the Beach Butler® Cargo Lift and the Vistavator® Personnel Lift on the Jersey Shore and our services are provided with our team of highly trained and experienced technicians who will ensure quality service delivery to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Quality maintenance services: After the installation of your home platform lift, it is important to maintain your ADA Compliant Lift. In addition to educating our customers on how they can maintain their lifts, we also offer great maintenance service plans to provide optimum usage while avoiding or reducing downtime. Periodic inspections and great maintenance service is always paramount when it comes to home lift usage, this will ensure safety and efficiency of the system. Efficient servicing of the system tends to reduce maintenance costs and also minimizes risks of operational failure.

Some of the platform lift maintenance services we provide include:

  • Lubricating services
  • Replacement of failure parts
  • Adjustment issues
  • Repairs
  • Assessments
  • Assessing of emergency alarms and fire outbreak issues
  • Assessing of creaks, squeaks and other noisy vibration issues
  • Assessing and tithing of bolts plus other safety services

Several benefits provided by New Jersey Home Elevators include:

  • Ease of furniture transportation
  • Elderly and Handicapped members can access any level of the home with ease
  • House value is enhanced and lots of other benefits which make home platform lift a necessity.

These home platform lift products are primarily used as an accessibility tool that allows people to ensure that they are able to get in and out of their house. However, there are many other reasons why our elevator lifts can make your life better if installed into your elevated home. In an elevated house a “Vertical Platform Lift” device delivers massive convenience! Try us today and convenience to enjoy the comfort of your New Jersey home.

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